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Ron was invited to the J David talkshow on News Talk 1480 WHBC for an interview on Saturday, January 25th, 2020. J David spent about 30 minutes with Ron, discussing everything from Healthcare and Social Security to Immigration and Pay Equity, and full circle about why all of this matters to Ohio's families.

Ron believes that healthcare is a right, and our government needs to ensure every American has access to doctors and medications. No child should go without antibiotics for a simple infection because it would wipe out her parents financially to pay out of pocket. No senior citizen should have to cut their pills in half, and then only take them every other day because their cost is more than their fixed income.

There are a lot of policy proposals out there that would aim to accomplish the goal of healthcare access for every American, but the question is which one is best. Ron supports the idea of Medicare for All because at the moment, it's the only attainable plan to create equity in the healthcare system. However, all across the county people have private health insurance that they love, and works for them and their families; 63% of Ohio's 16th district among them. This means we need to look deeper and try harder when it comes to healthcare in America.

The first actionable steps we must take are to expand on the ACA, continue to fight for coverage of pre-existing conditions and allow for Medicare to negotiate drug prices. All of this must be done with bi-partisan support- it must pass the house and the senate, because bills that arrive DOA to a certain Senator's office will do nothing to help Ohioans.

Ron is committed to Ohio's Families, because he knows when families do better, everyone wins.

Check out his full interview here:

- Team Karpus

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