Ron knows that hardworking Ohioans drive the economy. He will do his part to make sure that the legislation coming out of Washington aligns with our values and work ethic here in the 16th district. He not only knows we must lower underemployment in our region to ensure all can have access to a family sustaining wage, but knows how we can get there.


  • Repudiation or Revision of Trade Agreements - we must secure our country's place in the global marketplace. 

  • Restoring, incentivizing companies to return operations from overseas, and back into the United States.

  • Starting with addressing today's logistical issues by supporting legislation to rebuild infrastructure across our Nation by increasing our green energy development


  • He will support Ohioans with access to job training and introduce a bill in his first term to tackle predatory lending in student loans. 


  • Building up tomorrow’s workforce and ensuring they are elevated to an equal level of opportunity, he will support legislation to earmark federal funds for primary and secondary education. 


  • Ron will introduce a bill to support post graduation outcomes, that will prepare students equally across Ohio and our Nation for a career, trade school, or higher education following graduation.


Healthcare must be at the forefront of every discussion until we get it right. We need to take actionable steps to move towards an end game, that every American has affordable access to healthcare. Ron would fight for Ohioans who are losing their lives to preventable diseases because they can't afford their doctors and medication. 

While Ron supports the idea of Medicare for all,  he knows that means millions of Americans, many right here in Ohio would lose their private insurance. To that end, he supports a public option that would give all Americans the opportunity to buy into a publicly ran program instead of their private insurance if they so choose. 

Ron would support or introduce legislation to stabilize prescription costs in our country. This legislation would include ending high launch prices when a drug enters the market, and limiting the patents and exclusivities that stall generic prescription drugs release to the consumer.  

The American people need to come first. 


The millions of seniors who cannot remain in their homes and cannot afford private care, cannot continue to suffer. We must find a policy solution that will have the foresight to cover the needs of elderly as they progress through their lives.  A comprehensive policy will need to address both private and government funded care. 

We need to policy changes in our Medicaid long-term care benefits, ending the current system which causes senior citizens to live at poverty levels to qualify. ​ We should Require a Medicare Advantage Plans to offer a supplemental to provide long-term care coverage. 

Ron would introduce legislation that would modify the Federal Housing Policy to extend access to middle-income seniors.


As a father of six, common sense gun legislation is at the forefront of my campaign. Let me be clear I am a gun owner and supporter of the second amendment;  But I believe there is a way to protect the second amendment while creating common sense gun legislation that will save lives.


In 2017 America saw the most gun related deaths since 1968, and it continues to climb. We need universal background checks, licensing and the passage of red flag laws, including closing the "boyfriend loophole".


Here are two statistics which highlight the need for Red Flag Laws: 

  • Over 1400 Ohioans died in 2019 from preventable gun violence. 

  • 6/10 Gun Deaths are due to suicide. 

Two thirds of Americans agree on common sense gun legislation, let's take the money out of this conversation and get the job done... our children deserve it. 


We live in a global economy and we need to ensure we have equitable trade deals in every region in the world. It’s a fact that a growing China can step into the ring with us at any time, and everyday we are losing the upper hand. We must negotiate in good faith and with integrity. Taking into account what’s best for everyone, from business owners, to the labor force, all the way to the consumer. An example of this in the 16th district are our Farmers, they just want to farm, they aren’t looking for handouts, it’s our job to elect a government that will give them a sustainable trade market to do so.

I do not support rejoining the TPP (as originally introduced), we have to ensure that any trade agreements are good for the American people, and a deal that favors multinational companies, such as the TPP is not. The updated deal or CPTPP still fails to address fundamental components of a trade deal that would expand to labor and environmental impacts.  Hard working Ohioans deserve better. 

I would vote to repeal the tariffs the current administration has imposed on goods from China. The tariffs have only cost the American people, they've seen the increased prices at the grocery stores, online retailers, and in the construction industry. We need a comprehensive approach to trade with China if we expect them to fundamentally alter their economic mindset. 


Someone needs to be the leader, and being the leader is hard sometimes; but we need to take actionable, meaningful steps that first reduce our emissions and eventually achieve net-zero.  We cannot wait for others to comply but rather lead by example. To that end Ron will push for initiatives that both lower our carbon footprint while continuing to grow the economy and provide opportunities for further research to begin reversing the damage already sustained.

As a nation we must commit to the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that the world will have to get to net zero to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

I support the institution of a carbon-tax, polluters such as power plants burning fossil fuels will have this carbon-tax placed on them. Funds from the carbon-tax should be earmarked to fund climate action, and offset the cost of increasing federal funding for climate action. 

The New Green Deal- great as an outline for where we need to go, and what should prioritize as a nation, however it's lacking the blueprints, or policies for how we get there. We must put forth a comprehensive plan to combat climate change that will give us benchmarks to work towards. Allowing for recalibration if necessary to stay on track for that 2050 goal. 


Borders are important and should be protected, but we can not forget that we are not only a Nation founded by immigrants, but built by immigrants. We should embrace that which made the United States the nation we've come to love. 

History taught us that migrants came here to chase the American dream, while that still holds true for some, many show up at our borders because staying put ended in violence or death. They deserve more than to be met by a wall and have their children taken from them. 


We need to modernize our ports of entry, invest in infrastructure and resources to streamline the VISA and ASYLUM processes. We must offer a path to citizenship for those in our country who have been too afraid to seek it. It's time to as a nation come together and protect the Dreamers and expedite their path to citizenship so they can settle in our country, build their lives, and start their own families without fear of deportation.


I am a husband, a father, a brother, and a son, I am surrounded by intelligent, strong women- all of which share a commonality with every other women in this county; that they and they alone should be in complete control of their bodies. I will thwart any and all attempts made to overturn Roe v- Wade, we had this settled before I was born and I will fight like hell to keep it that way.  


I will vote to fund Planned Parenthood; and to overrule the Hyde Amendment that prevents Federal government employees from having the same access to abortion as other women. We need to increase access to pre-pregnancy and prenatal coverage from women in both rural and low income areas.


This country was founded on the principle of personal freedom. This concept should extend to everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. In a perfect world this would simply just be. Unfortunately in our world, legislation must exist to protect all people so that they may enjoy this freedom which so many of us take for granted. Ron will fight any legislation that attempts to undermine the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rather than waiting on a Supreme Court Ruling in three upcoming cases to determine if Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which banned prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of sex extends to sexual orientation or gender identity.  We must immediately protect these classes at the federal level. We must also include these two classes in the federal Fair Housing Act, to prohibit landlords from discriminating against individuals. 

We cannot wait a moment longer to turn these conversations into legislation, "1 out of 6 students nationwide (grades 9–12) seriously considered suicide in the past year," and "LGB youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost three times the rate of heterosexual youth." 

Stop and reread those statistics. We must act now.

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